Shiver for a cause

I spent an hour shivering as a Marshall during a cross country race on Saturday while my kids ran. I would much rather have been running at least so I could stay warm. The runners were eventually shedding their clothes but I was wishing for more layers. I did squats and calf raises while turning in circles on the snow to stay warm. So I was appreciably sore the next day but only because when you are stiff and shivering it is all the harder to bend your muscles to do squats.


I applaud those unsung volunteers who go out to volunteer especially in the winter or less than ideal conditions.

Although volunteering can be a whole lot of fun I would much rather suffer as a runner than suffer as a spectator or volunteer. Masochist, I know. But slowly I do find myself doing more volunteering anyway.

You don’t huddle that close at the start line unless it is REALLY cold


Nose Creek Cross Country Race


Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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