Best of the Best

And now for a recap. Here’s the bestest of the best posts of the last few months. Well, at least they were the most popular.

#1 How to Cross a Creek (or NOT!!)

10849939_10152489114680334_1560160055020379127_n     Jeronimo!

#2 Trail Running in the Canadian Rockies

Floe Lake     Dog Lake

#3 Two Months of Running Bridges

Calgary Peace Bridge running
Peace Bridge – Nov 2014


Fullerton Loop - Dec 2014
Fullerton Loop – Dec 2014

#4 Screw Shoes – It’s the Cat’s Meow!


Habits of Highly Motivated Runners

Solid habits are important to engrain if you want to become a great runner, or at least a consistently improving runner.

I found this great article on some important habits to concentrate on and some great tips on how to get there.

Some examples are:
– Become a morning runner
– Eat your vegetables
– Sit less
– Eat breakfast
– Get enough sleep
– Unplug once per week

Habit #12 – Sit Less


Habit #1 – Become a morning runner


Habit #2 – Regular Strength Training (In Random Locations to keep up the regularity if you have to)


But how do you make these habits stick? How do you get over the hurdles? Read on and then share your experiences. Let’s all become highly motivated runners.

Full article from Runners World here

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