Biggest Year Ever

I calculated it all a little too late. My biggest year before this year was 3000 km. Back in November I was pretty confident I would break this record. In fact I did break it, by 5% (3161 km). I am very happy with this, but it could have been a “cooler” or rounder number if I had done some intricate planning a couple weeks ago. It would have been much more memorable to finish off the year with a number like 3500 km, or 3333 km, or 3210 km, or 3456 km.

Or 9 km per day average = 3285 km instead of 8.6301 km / day.

Or 60 km per week average = 3120 km instead of 60.5769 km / week.

Last week, I saw someone shooting for 2015 miles (3224 km) in 2015. That’s pretty cool, but I ended up being about 60km short by not pre-planning it.

I was born in 1971 which if it was miles, works out to 3154 km. This is pretty close to what I achieved this year. That’s a pretty cool number I guess.

I hope I am not becoming OCD to the extent that I pre-plan this next year. Don’t let me go over that edge!

Here’s to another great year of running to all you runners, wherever you are.

Of Course I’m Running It Again – Who’s asking?

This will be my 8th consecutive year of running various distances of the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon (SCM). Of course I am running it again. No one seems to ask me anymore IF I am running it. I just am. It’s such a great event and it’s in my backyard.

I have to thank this race for really kicking up my running fanatacism (craziness) a few notches over the years. I’m not sure my wife is so thankful for that fanatacism (and long hours of running) though.

What’s REALLY impressive is that this is my two daughters’ 8th consecutive year of running this event too. They are now in their early teens but they started pretty young. I seem to have inspired my daughters to run, and to even HAVE FUN at it – most of the time 🙂

Finishers medals from 2013 and 2014
First Boston qualifying marathon finish time! 3:09
2014 – 50km finishers mug

I’ve also had a chance to raise 1000’s for charity through the Charity Challenge. Running has given me the opportunity through SCM to fund great causes. My favourite cause is Engineering Ministries International which designs hospitals, schools and orphanages in the developing world). Sponsor me again!

wearing the colors
Regularly wearing the SCM colours while training in Calgary, and any trails I can find.
marathon medals
2014 Scotiabank Calgary Marathon – Awesome job girls!

This year I am hoping to pace my older daughter to her first half marathon. I’m really excited about that. So far, she is too.

Come on girls, let’s do this again! You are amazing!

Running – My First 10 Years

Running my shoes off over the last 10 years.


2005 – 400km

2006 – 1600km – Vancouver Marathon, Emporer’s Challenge (21k)

2007 – 500km

2008 – 1600km – Calgary half marathon + Footstock marathon + first triathlon

2009 – 1600km – Calgary marathon + Sylvan Lake half iron

2010 – 1600km – Vancouver marathon, Calgary marathon + Calgary half iron

2010 Vancouver Marathon

2011 – 1600km – Calgary marathon

2012 – 2800km – Calgary marathon, 50k (Frozen A)

First time Boston qualifier!

2013 – 3000 km – Boston marathon, Calgary marathon

Boston Marathon

2014 – 2700 km – Lost Soul 50k, Calgary 50k






Wow, looking back is inspiring me to have an even awesome-r 2015.

Check out a new running podcast – Here’s a few to get started

There’s tons of quality running podcasts out there that are worth listening to. Most of them are weekly and usually include interviews with runners, tips, and inspiration. Most are about an hour long so they can fit nicely into your running, commuting, or doing dishes.

After a couple years of listening, I have whittled the list down to my favourites. My list in order of which I usually listen to first:

Marathon Talk with Tom and Martin (wide range of topics with quality interviews)

Ultra Runner Podcast with Eric Schranz (featuring the biggest and craziest ultra runners out there). “Now, go out and run”

Runner Academy with Matt Johnson (clinical approach to running all distances)

Marathon Training Academy – Angie and Trevor –“empowering you to run a marathon and change your life”

Talk Ultra – Ian Corless “talking your legs off” (3 hour podcast with lengthy interviews with the best ultra runners out there)

Super easy to set up on your smart phone.

Give it a shot. It makes the runs go much faster (and the dishes too).


Best Trail Runners Meetup Group

I’ve joined the Calgary Trail Runners a bunch of times and they are an awesome group. Lots of crazy people, lots of varied trails, and definitely hard core when it comes to trails. Kananaskis, Canmore, Banff trails mostly, but some trails in the city. They are all-weather folks who can’t get enough of the trails. Not all the trails are really hard or long, but you can’t see the city or highway from most of them.

Check ’em out.

Kananaskis trail map
Kananaskis trail map
Bragg Creek trail map
Bragg Creek trail map

Nose Hill

I got out to Nose Hill in the morning just before before it started snowing. So my pics show the fall weather, not the wet winter weather we are experiencing now.

Nosehill is mostly what you’d expect. It is a big open park with few trees, lots of trails, and mostly just open prairie.

But there are a few happy surprises involving trees, hills and single-track.

Endless loops of paved, gravel, single track, and if you want, you can run mostly hill-less.







IMG_20141101_100635490 IMG_20141101_104001548_HDR




Kensington Pathways – Good, Bad, Ugly

Kensington is quite urban, but there are some trails. Especially along the adjacent hill called McHugh Bluff, but that means there are hills there too. You can always see the downtown skyline.

Quiet – Riley Park
Ugly! Traffic, trains, noise
Right near downtown

Bowmont Park

You almost never lose sight of the River. From gnarly single track to well maintained paved path options. Situated between Silver Springs and Bowness. Park beside Maranatha Church or in Silver Springs





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