New year, new shoes

So I wasn’t planning on buying new shoes but I definitely needed some. I was looking for a winter coat at the end of winter sales even though end of winter is actually a long ways away. It turns out the store was also getting rid of their old stock of shoes at rock bottom prices.

So I bought two pair. I am sure they were only left over because the colors weren’t as popular as had been expected. But I am not picky. Both pairs were a mix of blue and yellow and matched each other very well and coincidentally matched the pair at home too.

But the fashion police will probably write me up for my red hat, yellow arm band, and my green pack that don’t match my old or new shoes.


Then my wife bought a pair too. So we came home with 3 pairs of Merrells and are anxious to try them out.


A new pair of shoes (or two) always makes a day so much better.

First hard run

First hard run of the new training plan and so far so good. My hamstring held together and I didn’t fall on the ice. This plan looks pretty intense but I am giving it a shot.

There was only one other set of tracks out there braving the new snow, wind and cold even though it was 9 on a Saturday (and it was the third day of resolutions).

Happy trails everyone.


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