Lung-Bursting Runch

My plan, which I am so far adhering to, called for a 35 minute tempo run. Ugh, I hate tempo runs.

My plans went awry last night so it didn’t happen then, and this morning it was too dark with too much ice to go fast on the sidewalks. This evening we are having company, so I had to do it during the day today. I couldn’t put it off. But it was a nice enough afternoon, so I gobbled down my lunch at my desk, waited an hour for it to settle, and went out for a late running lunch (#runch).

I only noticed one other later runch-er out there. Not even anyone along the river by downtown. That seemed odd. Where is everyone? Actually working?


1 km warmup, 1 km faster, 1 km really fast (huffing and puffing), 1 km slightly slower (legs still burning), 1 km really fast (huffing and puffing), 1 km slow, 1 km cool down. Whew! Recover at my desk.

I only do this lung bursting stuff once per week, and each time I am really glad when it is over.

Till next time.

Where is the end?
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