Build confidence, relax more

4 quick tips to build confidence and relax in your training runs.

Tip #1 Run with your middle finger touching your thumb. This little trick prevents your fists from clenching and your shoulders from tensing up. Shake your arms out once in a while when you feel yourself tensing up. Relax and run easy. This running thing shouldn’t be stressful.

Tip #2 Most of your runs (80%) should not be faster than the speed at which you can still maintain a comfortable conversation with your running partner. A strong running base is built on many slow kilometers, not on a few hard runs. Stay relaxed. This running thing is supposed to be fun.

Tip #3 Near the end of the run speed up for 30 to 50 meters (then slow down to catch your breath). This gives you the confidence that you really can run faster and that you have been saving your speed. It also helps builds ultimate speed. Do this maybe 3 times. This builds confidence.

Tip #4 Make sure to really slow down for the last km or so. Besides being your cool down this tricks your mind after the run into thinking that the run wasn’t so hard after all. Sounds weird but it works for me.

Bowmont Park, Calgary.


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