If You See Me Running, You’d Better Be Running Too

If there is ever a free cake race, you want to be sure you are the fastest one out there or you will miss out.

Great tips on how to get out the door to get your run in so you can be the fastest one out there


I am not a natural runner. Running is hard.I like to say that if you ever see me running, you had better be running too because either;

A. There is a Godzilla-like monster chasing after me OR

B. Someone announced that there is free cake a block away.

Motivating myself to go for a run (in case of said scenarios above) is difficult. But here are a few tips from a running novice:

  1. Run where no-one can see you. I am self-conscious of my running. Once, a friend of mine told me that when I ran, I reminded her of Phoebe Buffay running in Friends. I find it easier to run alone, where there are no witnesses. Recently, I found a quiet park close to my house where I can ‘run’ without an audience.
  2. Mix running with walking. I struggle to run for a set period of time. Thus, I walk for…

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A photo walk to loosen up race muscles

Our family decided to walk to the nearest park and to see what kind of cool pictures we could get (and to loosen up the legs after a hard race in the morning). We all had cameras. And we all stopped randomly to take photos as we saw them in our minds eye. Besides bumping into each other with the sudden stops we had a great time. Since no one was watching us we felt less inhibited. Here is what I took.







We might even do this again next weekend since we will have another race to loosen up after and we have cameras to play with.

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