Changing It Up a Bit

My Saturday run was full of starts and stops. I had decided to do some geocaching while doing my semi long weekend run.

If you don’t know, geocaching involves going to certain coordinates and looking for hidden containers in order to sign a log book. In the urban area I was running there was a geocache every 400 – 800m. So I would run for 2-5 minutes, search for the cache for 5 minutes, then move on whether I had found it or not.

This easily doubled the length of time on my run. But I was never out of breath for very long. And I had a different goal in mind besides my time or just getting in the distance. I got off the beaten track, exercised my brain, and got my run in (sort of).

Stopping a little more often allows you to see some of nature that otherwise you would just whiz by

I don’t recommend this type of running for any kind of training period. But I do this once in a long while when I am between serious phases of training and I just need to change it up and keep it interesting for a while so I don’t burn out.

It can be a great opportunity to discover rabbit trails instead of only people trails. And you can notice your surroundings a little more.

Maybe not a running trail but a geocaching trail can be runnable too sometimes
All the squiggles are where i am looking for geocaches and not making much progress on my run
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