Of Course I’m Running It Again – Who’s asking?

This will be my 8th consecutive year of running various distances of the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon (SCM). Of course I am running it again. No one seems to ask me anymore IF I am running it. I just am. It’s such a great event and it’s in my backyard.

I have to thank this race for really kicking up my running fanatacism (craziness) a few notches over the years. I’m not sure my wife is so thankful for that fanatacism (and long hours of running) though.

What’s REALLY impressive is that this is my two daughters’ 8th consecutive year of running this event too. They are now in their early teens but they started pretty young. I seem to have inspired my daughters to run, and to even HAVE FUN at it – most of the time 🙂

Finishers medals from 2013 and 2014
First Boston qualifying marathon finish time! 3:09
2014 – 50km finishers mug

I’ve also had a chance to raise 1000’s for charity through the Charity Challenge. Running has given me the opportunity through SCM to fund great causes. My favourite cause is Engineering Ministries International which designs hospitals, schools and orphanages in the developing world). Sponsor me again!

wearing the colors
Regularly wearing the SCM colours while training in Calgary, and any trails I can find.
marathon medals
2014 Scotiabank Calgary Marathon – Awesome job girls!

This year I am hoping to pace my older daughter to her first half marathon. I’m really excited about that. So far, she is too.

Come on girls, let’s do this again! You are amazing!

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

8 thoughts on “Of Course I’m Running It Again – Who’s asking?”

    1. I guess I have had to embrace the snow and ice or else train indoors. The indoor thing is a must once in a while but I would rather bundle up, put on the yaktraks, and get outside.


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