Definitely the Wrong Shoes

“Wow, the sun is out.”

“Let’s go for a lunchtime walk. I need some inspiration for a blog.”

“Sure, work can wait.”

“Hmmm. My work shoes have the same Vibram soles as my running shoes.”

“Maybe let’s go for a lunchtime run instead of a walk. How much worse could it be than my normal running shoes.”

“And my work pants fit me pretty loosely, so it should work out okay. And I do have deodorant back in my office.”

“And the sun is still shining.”

“Wee! Let’s go!”

The sun stayed out. Inspiration was all around me. And as a bonus, I got in about 7 km of mostly running so I don’t have to run tonight to keep my streak going.

But I made the mistake of taking my shoes off when I got back to the office. Whew, they stink. I guess that’s why leather shoes aren’t meant for running in. I think I’ll keep a spare pair sitting around the office for next time I need some lunchtime inspiration.


Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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