Angus? Who’s Angus? And Why is He Ambling?

Amble with Angus is a local 5k charity run happening Friday morning, December 12th downtown Calgary.

The race is at 7AM on a work day, but they claim that you will be able to get to work by 8AM (if you work downtown).

I’ve done the race a couple times and you always get the hard core runners, but there’s always a good contingency of downtown office workers. And of course there are those that just want the free headlamp, with the almost free race entry.

Supporting the Calgary Food Bank at this time of year. Great cause. Great people. Great organization.

By the way, Angus is a local running and TV celebrity (but I’ve never actually met him, that I know of)

Thanks, Angus, for inspiring us all to run.

Bow River near downtown Calgary
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