Gopher Attack Marathon? – What a name!

For my April / May race I’m trying to decide between 2 marathons.

Gopher Attack Marathon versus Vancouver Marathon

– Saskatchewan (haven’t run in Saskatchewan yet) versus BC (fond memories of Vancouver)

– chance of snow (and sunshine) versus chance of drizzle (and overcast) 😦

– fun name!! versus normal name

– very small (“boutique marathon”)!! versus crowds

– “goofy, fast, fun” versus well organized, professional, everything you expect from a big city race

– out and back versus point to point!!

– prairies versus. ocean view!!

– 2000 ft versus sea level!!

– only 8 hour drive versus 1.5 hour flight ($$$)

– April 3rd versus May 3rd

– bring the family!! versus go alone

– don’t know anyone around there versus meet up with old non-running friends

– new location, new race for me versus been to Vancouver, run Vancouver, but not this route (know the scene)

Hmm, “Gopher Attack” sounds intriguing, mostly because of the name. Maybe I’ll ask around a bit more to see what others say. Any advice?

Stay tuned.

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