No Ambulances at the XC- But It Was Close

8km cross country race today. Extremely icy but no ambulances calls that I know of. Treacherous conditions can bring out the adrenaline, especially when there are embankments that are REALLY close.

And this race series has never been cancelled, that I know of, no matter the weather or conditions. Hard Core!

start line
85 hardened cross country runners out today
non-trail beside the trail
The non-trail beside the trail was often a much safer place to run.
Don’t slip over the embankment!
Trails along the Bow River
Trails along the Bow River
85 pairs of spikes out today. Could  NOT go without them.
Christmas themed aid stations – but no food or water
screw shoes
Doubled the number of screws in the shoes for traction for this race.


Calgary Road Runners – Winter Cross Country Race Series. It’s a blast. Learn more here¬†about the Grand Prix Series.

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