Life in the fast lane

Well I did something today I probably shouldn’t have.

It started yesterday when I realized I had 150 km to go to hit my running goal that I had forgotten about. So thinking out loud that there were 12 running days left and working backwards I started to panic. That would be an average of 13 km per day, or I could do 20 km, 8 km, 8 km and  repeat that four times. Or I could run 20 km 8 times in 12 days. But I have only been running 30 km per week for the last 2 months (although I have been out every day since late November). I was going to wait until January to ramp it up.

So after only running 5 km per day, today I jumped it up to 20. I don’t think I can keep up the required pace to the end of the year but I am encouraged that I can up the game with little to no notice. We will see tomorrow how sore I am and if this spurt will last.

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