Runners Inspired by Santa?

Santa sure does a lot of running in December.

In Calgary this weekend it is the 2nd Annual Santa Claus Chase put on by the Calgary Trail Runners meet up groupĀ on Friday evening (5th).

Then it is the Santa Shuffle on Saturday (6th) to raise funds for the Salvation Army.

Then Run Santa Run is on the 13th to raise funds for Third Academy

And then every club run in December seems to have people sporting Santa hats.

With this much running, Santa must be in pretty good shape. You’d think that a reindeer run would be more inspiring for runners since presumably reindeer are more natural runners than the stereotypical Santa. Even elves seem to be quicker on their feet than Santa.

Check out a Santa run near you over the next couple weeks. Running races doesn’t always have to be serious. It’s a quick way to get in the Christmas spirit.

Calgary Road Runner Silver Spring XC Race – Upcoming Dec 13th
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