Beginning Steps

I am the last person you should follow as an example when it comes to nutrition and diet. So I suggest you read other people’s blogs about nutrition. Here’s a good post.

Did I Really Just Sign Up for That?

“So if you are thinking of pulling out, remember it might be easier to just keep on running.”

Apparently, that’s how lonely it is out there. No one to drive you to the end if you cave.

Bring-your-own-bear-spray kind of race.

It was this picture that inspired me to sign up:


Who wouldn’t sign up for this?

But this graph is the daunting part. At least the first thing I noticed that was daunting. Yikes! What am I thinking?

50mile elevation profile

Upon second reading of the description, I realized I had read only certain parts when I had first read it.

“amazing views of the Canadian Rockies as you cross ridges, valleys and amazing single track”

Now that I’ve registered I’m dismayed by re-reading the same paragraph:

“Now don’t let the name trick you as the distance is closer to 54 miles and the elevation gain is over 4200m (13,780 feet), as far as we know there is no other 50 miler in Canada that has more.  So if you are looking for a tough race with lots of elevation …”

and the WINNER takes over 10 hours to finish? Really?

Stay tuned…

45 minutes west of Calgary in Kananaskis Country


Seen after my run – cookies!

How am i supposed to eat healthily when my family is on a baking binge?

Broccoli or cookies? I think cookies win today. There’s always tomorrow for the healthy stuff. Right?

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