Swim a lot, Bike a little, Run the rest

On a whim, I challenged my 14 year old daughter to a swim, bike, run, training session. We had been swimming weekly 2000m sessions and we had been running together a couple times per week. So I had said, how about a 3000m swim, 3000m bike, and a 3000m run. I knew the swim would be tough, but the bike would be easy. And after the other two, the run would be on tired legs.

Well this morning we did it. Not only did we do a 3000m swim, but 500m of that was legs only, and 750m was arms only. And we both set 50m speed records. All very exhausting. The worst part for me was my back – very odd. At the end of the session it was quite stiff. She could have kept going. Got to love youthful endurance.

The weather turned pretty nice, so after the pool, we jumped on our bikes taking the long way home and then ran to a local park. We were back home within 2 hours of starting the swim. 3000m, 3000m, 3000m. Odd distances for a triathlon, but it worked for us today.

Then we both aimed for the couch. Great way to start a “Good” Saturday.

My daughter has amazing endurance and tenacity. And it is fun to have a training partner who joins me occasionally, even if she doesn’t enjoy it quite as much as I do.


Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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