Check out Galatea Creek, Kananaskis

We explored a new trail yesterday in Kananaskis Country, near Banff. Galatea Creek is nestled between two peaks (one is Mount Kidd). The trail criss-crosses the creek for 6 km before coming to a campsite and then some (apparently) beautiful lakes. We started out too late and underestimated the time so we had to turn around before the lakes came into view. The icy trails slowed our progress but it was an amazing hike none-the-less. Got to love those amazing Rocky Mountains and the beautiful weather we had.

IMG_20150403_135257500_HDR (576x1024)

IMG_20150403_114648526-EFFECTS (1024x577)

IMG_20150403_121210607 (576x1024) IMG_20150403_121649228 (1024x576)

IMG_20150403_121739587 (576x1024)

IMG_20150403_122555619 (1024x576)

IMG_20150403_132359702 (576x1024)

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