Coffee-free experiment (update)

The no-coffee experiment has gone quite smoothly (except the first couple days). In March, beginnng with the start of lent, I decided to be coffee-free for 10 weeks leading up to the marathon. Then on marathon day, I would have one (or maybe two) for the performance enhancing energy boost that it would provide. Maybe a good idea, maybe not. It’s an experiment.

Well it is 3 days until the marathon and how is it going you ask? I am totally coffee free except for twice last week. I succombed last week to a cup (couldn’t refuse politely), and then two days later I actually made myself a cup. Mmm, tasted so good. Then I buckled down and haven’t had another since.

I have been drinking one cup of caffeinated tea on most work days and the odd coke here and there so it is not a caffeine free diet.

But now I am nervous about what a cup might do to me on race day. Maybe I will have a cup over the next couple days and see what it does to me.
If I wait until race morning, either I will be peeing a lot on race day and therefore spend my gained time in the toilet, or it will give me the jolt I need to get up those hills.

Even if I don’t take a coffee until after the race it has been a good exercise in self discipline.

Any other crazy rituals or experiments anyone has tried?


Caffeine-free water? Great concept. Hope it catches on.

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