Fly with the wind

Fast doesn’t just happen.
Fast is no days off.
Fast is leaving nothing in the tank.
Fast is born

Ending off the weekend feeling fast.
I have run faster but this time it just felt fast. Well half of it felt fast. The part with the wind. Yeah I guess those gusts were pretty strong. But I sure was cruising. Especially on the downhill with the wind at my back.

Just don’t ask me about the first half of the run. With the gusts whipping in my face. No fun at all.

But I choose to remember the fast part. That was fun.


Another weekend, another race

It was a good day for a race. The sun was out and the wind kept away until after the race.  Very well organized.

The second half was very fast since it was unrelenting downhill with 6-8% slopes for most of 3k straight. Of course that meant the first half was miserably slow. 4k up, 7k rolling hills, 4k down. 200m vertical over 15km.

The setting was our massive city park which is mostly grassland, and is the highest point in the City so we had amazing views of the Rockies on this clear day. 

I paced my daughter to her longest run ever.  So proud of her. She can sure stick to something if she puts her mind to it. At 14, she was the first / only under 19 out of several hundred runners. 1:28 for 15k. My 12 yo came in second in the 10k (in her age category). Amazing kids.


Calgary MEC Run Series

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