Fire and no water

My long run this weekend was a point to point, sort of, with a grass fire thrown in just to spice it up.

It started off as a15 km race in which I was a pacer so it was at an easy pace for me. The race was in Nosehill Park in Calgary. This is essentially a large grassland park surrounded by subdivisions.

As we were finishing we noticed some firefighters casually making their way into the heart of the park but we didn’t see any smoke and so we weren’t worried. I cooled down for half an hour after the race then ran home the long way.

The long way home included running back into the park where we had just raced. As I was finishing this small loop I saw a small grass fire from near where I had just come from. There were more fire trucks on their way. I didn’t stick around because it looked under control. However after I left, the helicopters dropped water on the fire but not before it burned 10 acres of our amazing park (it must be more than 1000 acres total). The rumor was that the fire started from someone firing toy rockets.

All this didn’t add too much time to my run except a few minutes to sit and gawk.

After this the route I took home meandered through a few communities and parks before following the Bow River downstream back to my house for a total of 36km. 

About half way home my new water bladder sprung a leak.  I got soaked as it dripped down my legs. I dumped out most of the remaining water and ran with only a few drops left in it. I must have looked a mess with wet pants and all. But then runners are used to people thinking we are crazy.

For that last part of the run, the wind was gusting something fierce. I was glad to get that last long run done.

These long runs are a great way to experience the city, if you have to do them in the city like I usually have to. You get to experience so much more of the city than anyone else ever gets to. And you have so many more stories to tell.


Happy trails!

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