That was a cold one!

If there ever was a day when I wished for ski goggles on my run, this was definitely one of them.


There have been many other days for sure but they were in winters past. This winter hit pretty hard today. And it caught me by surprise. Once I stepped outside I quickly realized I needed more layers, even though I already was quite bundled up.

I probably woke up the household with all my comings and going this morning trying to get the right layers but mostly they have gotten used to my early mornings.

This won’t be the only cold day this winter but the first ones are always especially brutal.

Run streak day #4

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

5 thoughts on “That was a cold one!”

    1. I’ve tried with sunglasses, but they don’t keep out the wind. Safety glasses aren’t comfortable and look kinda funny. The ski googles I have are really old and cracked so I haven’t tried them yet, but I might try to go find them again.


  1. Frozen eyelashes and watery eyes or foggy goggles. Unlesss its below 0 f and windy with blowing snow I think frozen eyelashes and watery eyes are the way to go. The only times I resort to the goggles is when its impossible keep your eyes open with out them due to blowing snow or to prevent frostbite. If the condition aren’t too severe they always end up on top of my head.


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