12 Things I’ve learned about my neighbours – while running

Most of my running starts at my front door and heads down the street. Especially in the winter when I have to run in the evenings, I stick to the sidewalks and streetlights, instead of the trails.

Running is a great way to get to know any neighbourhood.


Some of the things I have learned by running in my neighbourhood:

– where the most likely stretches of sidewalk is to get a second hand high. No one is hiding their marijuana habits these days
– the dingiest blocks are often the most well lit
– no one is ever outside near the biggest houses
– playgrounds are busiest where the houses are the smallest
– the longest driveways have the fanciest cars
– the shortest driveways have the most loved cars
– people go to 7-11 really late in the evening for massive slurpees
– people go to 7-11 really early in the morning for massive slurpees
– I wouldn’t want to be a bus driver late at night in this neighborhood. There are too many mischief makers
– Halloween decorating starts very early
– at some places Christmas decorations never come down
– dogs of all shapes and sizes get people of all shapes and sizes outside. Yeah for dogs!

I guess if you stick to a treadmill you would miss all this entertainment.

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