Run Streak – Day 2

Okay we are going to try this run streak again this year. Starting yesterday until the New Year, run at least 2km each day. I hope to average 5k per day. Wish me consistency.

I know two days in a row isn’t so hard you might say, but how about 40? That will feel good once it’s done.


The weather has been pretty good recently so at the moment this looks doable. I know it can get much harder on the weeks with miserable weather.

If push comes to shove (like snow storms or treacherous ice), I may head to the gym but I hope to do most of it outdoors.

I have learned from previous years that some of the hardest parts of run streaks are:

1) convincing my family that this is a worthy goal
2) getting into the rhythm of running each day. There is no flexibility in which days to run, only in the distance
3) running late at night some days when there has been no time during the day to fit it in

Some of the best parts are
1) being able to eat anything in sight during the holidays because you have earned it
2) getting into a regular rhythm in advance of ramping up the training in January and February
3) our local running store supports the streakers with a tshirt and festive Saturday morning runs

Challenge a friend. Give it a shot. It will be fun. (At least the weeks without the miserable weather will be fun).

Happy trails.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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