Expections vs Reality in the Maritimes

We naively expected sunshine and beautiful oceanside running trails for our few days in Halifax, Moncton and PEI, but given the time of year we perhaps had set our sights too high. We got some sunshine, but the wind, the snow, the ice, and the rain storms made for some miserable conditions on this particular weekend. We did get out for a couple runs but the hotel treadmills got their share of use too.

This must be an amazing place to spend time outdoors. The fresh ocean air, ocean views, and rustic trails along the coast would be amazing.

We got to see the sights but mostly from the car windows because we couldn’t stand being outside very long in the cold.

I ran this morning from the hotel along a trail by the highway, and once in Polly’s Cove (near the famed Peggy’s Cove lighthouse). I got the Polly’s Cove recommendation from someone’s blog and we definitely enjoyed ourselves, but it was much too short. We would have gone longer but the trail petered out after 1 km and we didn’t really know where we were going after that. It looked like it went right down to the water and then along the water but we didn’t want to venture that far off the main trail.



There were a lot of locals out running this morning in the cold. Those must be very hardy runners. If you were one of them, be proud of yourself for sticking it out.

We missed one of the local races because we were already booked on Sunday morning by the time we found out about the race. It looked like it could have been a good one. It was a 25km relay called the Moose Run near Halifax. My two daughters and I would have teamed up. As it was, it was a miserable rainy morning and I’m not sure we had brought the right running clothes for it.

Next time I come here, I will have to try harder to make sure it is a little closer to summer.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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