Flying down the hills

We had a blast a few days ago flying down a mountain. It was a long slog to the top, maybe three quarters of an hour, but the return trip down the single track was fantastic.


Most of trail was snow covered and icy in some spots. There were shoe sized rocks to dodge. The very solid looking trees right off the trail made sure we didn’t stray off the trail. This was especially crucial at the sharp corners. And to top it off we hadn’t brought any spikes with us so it was even more treacherous than it should have been.

I can’t quite remember the quote from my 14 year old as we were hurtling down the mountain, but between all the heavy breathing it was something to do with the snow, ice, and rocks making this so much fun, especially at high speed. And she made sure she wasn’t always following. She wanted some of the best of the fun too by being up front.

Despite all the sliding and racing at break neck speed, we didn’t wipe out and maybe that is why we are remembering the run so fondly. To top it off the sun was shining on a weekday afternoon where neither of us had to be at work or school. Couldn’t ask for more.



That’s one run we will have to do again.

9.5km, 1hr 10 m
Snagmore trail starting near Allan Bill just west of Bragg Creek in Kananaskis.



Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

2 thoughts on “Flying down the hills”

  1. Wow Nice Run! beautiful! Sometimes I really wish I could love the snow again. Up until my 20’s you couldn’t keep me out of the snow, now I love it from a distance and tolerate it in short bursts when I take my family to ‘play’ in it.

    It must be magical to run along those paths inhaling the cold FRESH air… man I wish I could dig snow again. How can she run without a jacket!

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