Weekend Trail Run

Weekends are made for getting outside. And weekends are made for getting in those amazing runs. Top it off by doing it on trails and even better with a friend.


We did a short trail run this afternoon in the glorious sunshine which included some out of control epic downhill. The run was made much more memorable by adding ice and a tiny bit of “what have I got myself into? ”




Happy trails.

Run Streak Day 9

That was a cold one!

If there ever was a day when I wished for ski goggles on my run, this was definitely one of them.


There have been many other days for sure but they were in winters past. This winter hit pretty hard today. And it caught me by surprise. Once I stepped outside I quickly realized I needed more layers, even though I already was quite bundled up.

I probably woke up the household with all my comings and going this morning trying to get the right layers but mostly they have gotten used to my early mornings.

This won’t be the only cold day this winter but the first ones are always especially brutal.

Run streak day #4

Run Streak – Day 2

Okay we are going to try this run streak again this year. Starting yesterday until the New Year, run at least 2km each day. I hope to average 5k per day. Wish me consistency.

I know two days in a row isn’t so hard you might say, but how about 40? That will feel good once it’s done.


The weather has been pretty good recently so at the moment this looks doable. I know it can get much harder on the weeks with miserable weather.

If push comes to shove (like snow storms or treacherous ice), I may head to the gym but I hope to do most of it outdoors.

I have learned from previous years that some of the hardest parts of run streaks are:

1) convincing my family that this is a worthy goal
2) getting into the rhythm of running each day. There is no flexibility in which days to run, only in the distance
3) running late at night some days when there has been no time during the day to fit it in

Some of the best parts are
1) being able to eat anything in sight during the holidays because you have earned it
2) getting into a regular rhythm in advance of ramping up the training in January and February
3) our local running store supports the streakers with a tshirt and festive Saturday morning runs

Challenge a friend. Give it a shot. It will be fun. (At least the weeks without the miserable weather will be fun).

Happy trails.

Still streaking

December 12th = 12 days of continuing the running streak

Inbetween a slow November of running and the need to ramp up the training in January, this December run steak seems to be just right for me. No pressure to run any big distances, or to run any particular times. I don’t even have to run hills or intervals.
I just have to run every day for at least a mile. Most of my days have been 5km so that is enough to keep my legs loose.
My kids roll their eyes but they do make sure I get out every day.

Yes the cold days can be miserable and there is no choice but to get out there. But if you are wishing more people would call you crazy, this is the challenge for you.

And it doesn’t have to stop on January 1st but that would only be for the most crazy ones of us out there

50 things I’ve learned during my 50-day running streak (Re-post)

fiftyI recently read about someone doing a 50 day running streak and posting 50 things they learned. Great list! Number 1 and 3 & 4 are especially true for me. Here’s the start. Link to the rest is below.

50 things I’ve learned during my 50-day running streak

by Matt Frazier

1. I finally understand those “Running is Cheaper than Therapy” t-shirts. The difference in my mood before and after my run is so noticeable that my wife has several times suggested (on certain, grumpy mornings) that I make today an early run day. And rightly so.

2. You can dramatically lower your breath rate (and as a result, your heart rate) if you learn to breathe through your nose and focus on taking more steps per breath.

3. If you don’t have the same trigger for your run every day (waking up, lunchtime, etc.), it’s easy to forget, and find yourself running at dusk to keep the streak going.

4. On that note, running hills right after dinner is a terrible idea.

5. You can go from zero motivation to full-on, can’t-think-about-anything-else mode in only two weeks or so. The key, for me, was inspiring reading and using the tools of habit change to get started.

6. The 10% rule really doesn’t matter much.

7. Hiking up hills can be a much better exercise than struggling to run up them, especially if you’re training for a trail race where you’ll have to hike.

49. A daily run is the perfect trigger for a quick set of pushups, situps, pullups, or whatever you choose. These things are so easy to do, and so easy not to do. Running every day has helped me to remember to do them.

50. This has been way too good, for both my body and mind, to stop at 50 days. I guess it’s 100 or bust!

41 more at this link: http://www.nomeatathlete.com/50-lessons-running-streak

Thanks Matt for these insights!


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