Seen on my Run – A Bridge adding character to a city

They don’t build bridges like they used to.
Seen on my impromptu lunch run.

Bridge leaving downtown over the Bow River
Bridge leaving downtown over the Bow River

Seen after my run – cookies!

How am i supposed to eat healthily when my family is on a baking binge?

Broccoli or cookies? I think cookies win today. There’s always tomorrow for the healthy stuff. Right?

Seen in my run – other crazy runners just like me



Saturday morning with #stridesrunstreak

Seen on my run – crazy winter runners

xc racing
XC Winter Running Series – October 2013

Yup, some of them are even wearing shorts.

Calgary Road Runners – XC Series

Seen on my run – Epitaph

Memorial to someone who loved to explore Jasper National Park. I’m envious that I don’t get to explore there more often. 
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