The Siberian Slide – Another Saturday, Another Race

Yep, that’s the name of the race we ran today. It could have been as cold as Siberia and we could have been sliding along the sidewalks but the weather was beautiful, especially for January.


Very well coordinated race series by our local outdoor adventure store (MEC). We chose the 10k distance. Beautiful run along the river in downtown Calgary.

I paced my amazing daughters to another amazing finish. Way to go girls!


Me and the cat relaxing after. I am not sure why the cat needs to relax

Info on the other 6 in the series right here.

With names like “The Trestle Traverse”, “The Speed Feeder ” and “THE GRAND BANANA” it is bound to be a great series.

Of Course I’m Running It Again – Who’s asking?

This will be my 8th consecutive year of running various distances of the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon (SCM). Of course I am running it again. No one seems to ask me anymore IF I am running it. I just am. It’s such a great event and it’s in my backyard.

I have to thank this race for really kicking up my running fanatacism (craziness) a few notches over the years. I’m not sure my wife is so thankful for that fanatacism (and long hours of running) though.

What’s REALLY impressive is that this is my two daughters’ 8th consecutive year of running this event too. They are now in their early teens but they started pretty young. I seem to have inspired my daughters to run, and to even HAVE FUN at it – most of the time 🙂

Finishers medals from 2013 and 2014
First Boston qualifying marathon finish time! 3:09
2014 – 50km finishers mug

I’ve also had a chance to raise 1000’s for charity through the Charity Challenge. Running has given me the opportunity through SCM to fund great causes. My favourite cause is Engineering Ministries International which designs hospitals, schools and orphanages in the developing world). Sponsor me again!

wearing the colors
Regularly wearing the SCM colours while training in Calgary, and any trails I can find.
marathon medals
2014 Scotiabank Calgary Marathon – Awesome job girls!

This year I am hoping to pace my older daughter to her first half marathon. I’m really excited about that. So far, she is too.

Come on girls, let’s do this again! You are amazing!

Resolution? Sign up for a race.

St. Patrick’s Day (March 15th) is just about the right number of weeks from the early January Resolution Season to make sure we are still on track with those resolutions.

I’m helping organize a local road race on that day and I’m amazed at all the excitement and energy of the organizers and those who don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Our local race has a costume contest, Lucky Charms (the eating kind) at the finish line, win your weight in beer!, and everything green of course.

Check out a local St Patty’s Day race near you. It’s not to soon to sign up to keep your resolution on track.

These events are always a lot of fun.




And if you’re in Calgary, come on out to The Original St. Patrick’s Day Road Race

Running – My First 10 Years

Running my shoes off over the last 10 years.


2005 – 400km

2006 – 1600km – Vancouver Marathon, Emporer’s Challenge (21k)

2007 – 500km

2008 – 1600km – Calgary half marathon + Footstock marathon + first triathlon

2009 – 1600km – Calgary marathon + Sylvan Lake half iron

2010 – 1600km – Vancouver marathon, Calgary marathon + Calgary half iron

2010 Vancouver Marathon

2011 – 1600km – Calgary marathon

2012 – 2800km – Calgary marathon, 50k (Frozen A)

First time Boston qualifier!

2013 – 3000 km – Boston marathon, Calgary marathon

Boston Marathon

2014 – 2700 km – Lost Soul 50k, Calgary 50k






Wow, looking back is inspiring me to have an even awesome-r 2015.

Gopher Attack Marathon? – What a name!

For my April / May race I’m trying to decide between 2 marathons.

Gopher Attack Marathon versus Vancouver Marathon

– Saskatchewan (haven’t run in Saskatchewan yet) versus BC (fond memories of Vancouver)

– chance of snow (and sunshine) versus chance of drizzle (and overcast) 😦

– fun name!! versus normal name

– very small (“boutique marathon”)!! versus crowds

– “goofy, fast, fun” versus well organized, professional, everything you expect from a big city race

– out and back versus point to point!!

– prairies versus. ocean view!!

– 2000 ft versus sea level!!

– only 8 hour drive versus 1.5 hour flight ($$$)

– April 3rd versus May 3rd

– bring the family!! versus go alone

– don’t know anyone around there versus meet up with old non-running friends

– new location, new race for me versus been to Vancouver, run Vancouver, but not this route (know the scene)

Hmm, “Gopher Attack” sounds intriguing, mostly because of the name. Maybe I’ll ask around a bit more to see what others say. Any advice?

Stay tuned.

Angus? Who’s Angus? And Why is He Ambling?

Amble with Angus is a local 5k charity run happening Friday morning, December 12th downtown Calgary.

The race is at 7AM on a work day, but they claim that you will be able to get to work by 8AM (if you work downtown).

I’ve done the race a couple times and you always get the hard core runners, but there’s always a good contingency of downtown office workers. And of course there are those that just want the free headlamp, with the almost free race entry.

Supporting the Calgary Food Bank at this time of year. Great cause. Great people. Great organization.

By the way, Angus is a local running and TV celebrity (but I’ve never actually met him, that I know of)

Thanks, Angus, for inspiring us all to run.

Bow River near downtown Calgary

Ready, set…



I was not expecting such a loud bang but it being an indoor track meet the gun is pretty loud.

So I missed the picture of the “go”

But this race was inspiring. It was the university track team in a small meet. But boy do these guys fly!

I am not into sprinting myself but probably I would have had fun at it 30 years ago.

Runners Inspired by Santa?

Santa sure does a lot of running in December.

In Calgary this weekend it is the 2nd Annual Santa Claus Chase put on by the Calgary Trail Runners meet up group on Friday evening (5th).

Then it is the Santa Shuffle on Saturday (6th) to raise funds for the Salvation Army.

Then Run Santa Run is on the 13th to raise funds for Third Academy

And then every club run in December seems to have people sporting Santa hats.

With this much running, Santa must be in pretty good shape. You’d think that a reindeer run would be more inspiring for runners since presumably reindeer are more natural runners than the stereotypical Santa. Even elves seem to be quicker on their feet than Santa.

Check out a Santa run near you over the next couple weeks. Running races doesn’t always have to be serious. It’s a quick way to get in the Christmas spirit.

Calgary Road Runner Silver Spring XC Race – Upcoming Dec 13th

Did I Really Just Sign Up for That?

“So if you are thinking of pulling out, remember it might be easier to just keep on running.”

Apparently, that’s how lonely it is out there. No one to drive you to the end if you cave.

Bring-your-own-bear-spray kind of race.

It was this picture that inspired me to sign up:


Who wouldn’t sign up for this?

But this graph is the daunting part. At least the first thing I noticed that was daunting. Yikes! What am I thinking?

50mile elevation profile

Upon second reading of the description, I realized I had read only certain parts when I had first read it.

“amazing views of the Canadian Rockies as you cross ridges, valleys and amazing single track”

Now that I’ve registered I’m dismayed by re-reading the same paragraph:

“Now don’t let the name trick you as the distance is closer to 54 miles and the elevation gain is over 4200m (13,780 feet), as far as we know there is no other 50 miler in Canada that has more.  So if you are looking for a tough race with lots of elevation …”

and the WINNER takes over 10 hours to finish? Really?

Stay tuned…

45 minutes west of Calgary in Kananaskis Country


How to Cross a Creek (or NOT)

Crossing a creek can be treacherous or fun, depending on how wet you want to get. It’s all what you make it.

Method #1 – Stay dry at all costs. Your time might suffer but your feet are happy.

Staying dry at all costs
Stay dry at all costs

Method #2 – With much trepidation wondering why you signed up for this in the first place

with much trepidation

Method #3 – NO GUTS, NO GLORY!


Method #4 – WE’RE ALL IN BABY! (Or maybe he’s just trying to get to the otherside without getting wet)


Method #5 – Find someone who feels sorry for you

find someone who feels sorry for you

Photos from Calgary’s Winter XC Series at Confederation Park, every October.

Any other techniques out there to showcase?

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