Seen on my Run – A Bridge adding character to a city

They don’t build bridges like they used to.
Seen on my impromptu lunch run.

Bridge leaving downtown over the Bow River
Bridge leaving downtown over the Bow River

Beginning Steps

I am the last person you should follow as an example when it comes to nutrition and diet. So I suggest you read other people’s blogs about nutrition. Here’s a good post.

Seen after my run – cookies!

How am i supposed to eat healthily when my family is on a baking binge?

Broccoli or cookies? I think cookies win today. There’s always tomorrow for the healthy stuff. Right?

How to Cross a Creek (or NOT)

Crossing a creek can be treacherous or fun, depending on how wet you want to get. It’s all what you make it.

Method #1 – Stay dry at all costs. Your time might suffer but your feet are happy.

Staying dry at all costs
Stay dry at all costs

Method #2 – With much trepidation wondering why you signed up for this in the first place

with much trepidation

Method #3 – NO GUTS, NO GLORY!


Method #4 – WE’RE ALL IN BABY! (Or maybe he’s just trying to get to the otherside without getting wet)


Method #5 – Find someone who feels sorry for you

find someone who feels sorry for you

Photos from Calgary’s Winter XC Series at Confederation Park, every October.

Any other techniques out there to showcase?

Screw Shoes – It’s the Cat’s Meow!

There is a solution to running on icy sidewalks and trails. There’s what normal people do (buy something to put on the bottom of your shoes), or what I’ve done (modify my shoes).

Too cheap for Yak Trax? Assuming the winter season is too short to splurge on a pair?

Why not try screws in your shoes. Yeah. That’s right. Get an old pair of shoes and screw in some sheet metal screws in from the bottom. It’s amazing how well this works on ice. I’ve used this pair of screwed shoes for my winter cross country races for the last several years.

I did get a pair of Yak Trax for Christmas, but they were prompty stolen by my daughter for her winter races. Then we found another pair at a garage sale. But alas, I have two daughters, so the other daughter claimed them for her race. So I’m back to the trusty screw shoes.

Supplies: 20 x #8 – 3/8″ or 1/2″ sheet metal screws (10 per shoe). Take the biggest diameter you can find. Number 8 works great for me.

Tools: 1 screwdriver

Let them stick out just a bit (maybe the thickness of the head)


Screws - the poor man's yak tracks
Screws – the poor man’s yak tracks
Yak Trax work great, but only when you can find them in with all your other running stuff (and no one else is using them)
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