Erosion, Bulldozers and Detours

Even 17 months after the flood, Calgary’s pathways are still extensively damaged. Construction seems a bit feverish now that winter is on us but progress seems slow. Come spring, which is a full 2 years after the flood,  the pathways will still be far from contiguous.

We have such a great pathway system along the Bow River and the Elbow River. Let’s keep them as a priority for commuters and everyone who loves the outdoors.

Edworthy Park
Construction Detour at Angel’s

Current closure notices:

Interactive pathway MAP:

PDF Pathway Map:

Best Trail Runners Meetup Group

I’ve joined the Calgary Trail Runners a bunch of times and they are an awesome group. Lots of crazy people, lots of varied trails, and definitely hard core when it comes to trails. Kananaskis, Canmore, Banff trails mostly, but some trails in the city. They are all-weather folks who can’t get enough of the trails. Not all the trails are really hard or long, but you can’t see the city or highway from most of them.

Check ’em out.

Kananaskis trail map
Kananaskis trail map
Bragg Creek trail map
Bragg Creek trail map

Hard Core XC Winter Race Series

XC Race Series in Calgary (Warning, this is October to March, i.e. WINTER!!, but these hard core runners rarely cancel due to weather)

This is an awesome race series of 4 km and 8 km through the city’s parks. There is usually great conditions for cross-country – mud, snow, ice, wind, river crossings.

Makes for a great start to a weekend.

Every 2 or 3 Saturdays, at noon.

$12 (“cheap like borscht”) – includes potluck lunch

NEXT UP: November 8th in Okotoks (the only one outside city limits)

Organizer: Calgary Road Runners Club

More info:

Calgary Trail Running

Calgary Trail Running

Calgary Trail Running
It’s not pretty, but you got to get across somehow!

Calgary Trail Running

Calgary Trail Running

From University to the Cemetery (and back again)

The tunnels can get a little spooky at dusk with the dim lights but good thing they are no more than 50 strides long.

Confederation Park is a very popular paved pathway heading along the creek. My route starts at the highschool near the university, goes under 14th and 10th Street, and then loops back on the other side of the creek once you get to the cemetery.

At least you get to run from the graves for half the run.

water along Calgary trails

water along Calgary trails


bridge along Calgary trails

14th St Crossing


10th St Crossing
Running from West to East along the creek and back on the other side of the creek

Edworthy Pathways

Lots of paved trails. But can be very busy on beautiful days and Saturday mornings
Pathway repairs are still ongoing from the 2013 flood. But there are alternate trails wherever there are upgrades happening
Edworthy bridge to the park on the other side. The “other” side is much more natural with a lot of single track and trees.
Well maintained pathways. Snow usually cleared before the morning bike commute.
A reward at the end!

Nose Hill

I got out to Nose Hill in the morning just before before it started snowing. So my pics show the fall weather, not the wet winter weather we are experiencing now.

Nosehill is mostly what you’d expect. It is a big open park with few trees, lots of trails, and mostly just open prairie.

But there are a few happy surprises involving trees, hills and single-track.

Endless loops of paved, gravel, single track, and if you want, you can run mostly hill-less.







IMG_20141101_100635490 IMG_20141101_104001548_HDR




Kensington Pathways – Good, Bad, Ugly

Kensington is quite urban, but there are some trails. Especially along the adjacent hill called McHugh Bluff, but that means there are hills there too. You can always see the downtown skyline.

Quiet – Riley Park
Ugly! Traffic, trains, noise
Right near downtown

Bowmont Park

You almost never lose sight of the River. From gnarly single track to well maintained paved path options. Situated between Silver Springs and Bowness. Park beside Maranatha Church or in Silver Springs





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