#Runch Crowd Stuck on Facebook Today

It seems the running lunch crowd were hunkered down by the fireplace (aka facebook) on Friday noon. With temperatures and winds at fierce levels we defnitely couldn’t blame them. But the crystaline snow and ice made it beautiful for those of us who got out there.

Prince's Island Bridge
Prince’s Island Bridge
Sole Runner
Sole Runner
Prince's Island
Prince’s Island
Peace Bridge
Peace Bridge
Lonely Bridge on this Cold Day
Lonely Bridge on this Cold Day
Facebook seems to replace the fireplace these days
Facebook seems to replace the fireplace these days

Seen on my run – another big bridge

Beautiful sunny run today through the recently re-opened Bowness Park.
This is the Stoney Trail Bridge

Stoney Trail Bridge at Bowness Park


Can’t go under it, can’t go around it…

Why let obstacles in the trail be annoying. Embrace them. Challenge them. Let them push you to a new level.

This was put here just for me, I think
This must have been put here just for me
This trail must get better if only I can get to the top
This trail must get better if only I can get to the top
Can't go under it, can't go around it.
Sisters can be so annoying, sometimes. 
River Crossing
It’s only water!

Maintenance Mode Motivation

The sudden cold snap is helping me move into and keep in maintenance mode for a couple months. Otherwise, I would probably overtrain and get injured. Great time for cross-training or just hanging loose for a while. This blogger has the right idea. Happy trails!

Shoes Recovering after a long summer
Shoes recovering after a long summer

Growing Up Khan

I’ve always struggled with maintenance mode. I do well when I have a race scheduled and a goal to work towards, but it’s unrealistic (among  other things) to keep up intensity and certain training patterns all year. From mid-November until the beginning of April, I tend to be in maintenance mode, as the winters in Ottawa aren’t always runner friendly – especially at 4:30am, which is my designated running time.

I don’t want to risk getting injured and I don’t want my level of fitness to decrease, so I need a plan and some motivation for maintenance mode.

In order to do this, I’ve decided to treat maintenance mode like a race, in the sense that I’m going to develop a schedule and stick to it. The distances and paces will be much different than when I’m training for a race, and there will likely be more rest time than…

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The Difference One Day Makes – Taking Whatever Nature Gives Us

24 hours makes a big difference. Saturday was sunny and dry ground, to Sunday was deep fresh powder. That wasn’t too bad but then we had to brace ourselves again for Monday when the wind became fierce.

Saturday - Beautfiul for a November
Saturday – Beautfiul for a November
Sunday - Lots of fresh powder!
Sunday – Lots of fresh powder!
Breaking trail in the mid-afternoon
Breaking trail in the mid-afternoon
Monday! – Ugly

Emerging from the Concrete Jungle for #runch

Too bad we have to go back to work after our #runch (or #lunchrun). But I guess that’s why we still have a job.

The lunch running crowd always seems so committed, especially on sunny days. And I’m impressed that even on those miserable days, there are still hordes of runners along the Bow River. I guess it helps to have quality running pathways within blocks of the downtown towers. And it helps to have a beautiful river. Thanks City of Calgary for maintaining it.

Keep up the running, Calgary!

Calgary trail running
Just another dedicated group of lunch runners

Calgary trail running

Calgary trail running
It’s always packed at the curling rink stairs

Calgary trail running

Calgary Peace Bridge running
The sun sure is low at noon in November

How Far Can 791 Oranges Get You?

791 oranges can get you all the way across Canada apparently, according to an article in Canadian Running magazine. At 17, in 1974, Mark Kent took time off school to run the 6500 km across Canada on kool-aid, 791 oranges, and tons of steak (and vitamins just to balance his diet a little).




Hmm, maybe I don’t need all those gels and gatorade.

Canadian Running: http://runningmagazine.ca/novemberdecember-2014/

Twenty signs that you’re becoming a runner…

Great Post from mybrokenbrain.org “20 Signs That You’re Becoming a Runner”

My Broken Brain

20. Your first thought in the morning is “how far shall I run today?”

morning run

19. You have forgotten what it feels like not to have pain in your hip flexers and tendonitis in places you didn’t know had tendons


18. You look forward to the Winter so that you can hide your blistered, bruised, disfigured feet away from the world


17. You cringe at the thought of spending £11.50 on a cinema ticket but are more than happy to fork out £100 for a race


16. You are ALWAYS hungry, and decide you are allowed to eat as much as you want, because you just burn it off anyway


15. You’re more likely to ask a stranger on the train if they run, to start a conversation, than what the time is


14. You own more sports bras than actual bras, and have been known to go for days without…

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Too many trails, too little time


We live in the best place in the world with the mountains on our door step and beautiful running all around us, even in the city. There are too many places to run in Calgary, and too little time.

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