A little stretching, a little running

I was looking forward to my day off work. Well it ended up being afternoon off work by the time I finished some critical emails.

So let’s see, let’s start off with a little stretching: hams, quads, hips, abs. 20 minutes. Good enough.

Made lunch for the family – no heavy lifting there.

Ran. Ran errands that is. Drove here and there. Did stuff. Got home. Forgot stuff. Ran more errands.

Ran 5k. Finally. Got my run in. Listened to some music. Fired up by some oldies. Ran fast. Maybe, coulda, shoulda run further, but, nah, good enough.

Took the family to the outdoor skating rink. That was fun. Played tag, did some speed work, spins, twirls, and had some laughs. Could’ve stayed longer, but the family was tired.

Had dinner and am now enjoying the quiet house. So I’ve settled in to write a blog.

It was a good day.

A little fun at the skating rink


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