Uninspiring, but got’er done

Some runs just aren’t inspiring. They don’t fire you up. You don’t get that kick during or after the run. Some runs are just runs.

But unless you do the uninspiring ones, you won’t appreciate the truly great runs.

Take yesterday. Yesterday was a bit of a drudgery. I ran in a new area in the city so I thought it would be interesting. But 3/4 of it ended up being along sidewalks in cookie-cutter subdivisions. The part that was in a linear park was way too icy to be much fun. I had hoped to stay on this trail much longer but it was taking too much concentration to stay on my feet so back to the sidewalk I went.

And then the battery in my earbuds died. My own thoughts are not that boring but it was unexpected and worse still I was in the middle of a good audiobook.

So I’m trying to turn that run around in my head. There were¬†some really good parts:

  • Daylight running – Winter running doesn’t offer a lot of it except on weekends. And it was a Sunday afternoon.
  • Sun – Yeah for sun! It definitely improves my mood
  • I got my distance in. I was aiming for 15 km and, hit 15.5 km on a looped run in a unfamiliar area without having to do too much guessing


Sure, it was uninspiring, but I got it done and it really wasn’t that bad. It could have been a blizzard. And the next time I run on the mountain trails, I am sure going to appreciate it all that much more.

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