Juggling the Long Runs

For the next 7 out of 12 weekends I will be living out of a suitcase, mostly travelling for work. But I will be at home for 10 out of 12 Tuesday through Thursdays. This schedule is looking problematic when it comes to getting consistent runs in and on getting the long runs spaced evenly apart.

The weekday evening runs are still in the dark, still icy, and still tough to get in so making them longer is not easy. And I’m not looking forward to the treadmill running at a hotel. An hour on a treadmill is an eternity for me. But if I can muster it energy wise, I will try to find some new routes from the many hotels and friends places that I am staying at.

Packing the shoes first

I think I will have to wait until these 3 months pass before trying to firm up a training schedule. I would love to start a stricter regiment already but it is probably pointless right now.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

4 thoughts on “Juggling the Long Runs”

  1. Good luck! I’ve been juggling with winter/weather issues but it’s surprising how you can fit things in if you just squeeze a bit here and prod schedules a bit there :p


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