Criss Crossing the Neighbourhood

Criss crossing the neighborhood
Finally accomplished!

We did it!

We ran every single road, alley, side street, pathway, trail, and side walk in our neighborhood. It took us the whole of the December run streak and 90.5km. All but 7 of the runs were in this neighbourhood. Each color on the map is a different day. Most days were 2-3 km but on some of the last days we needed to get 6-7 km in to get some of the further away streets. And we had to keep checking the map each day to make sure we had got them all.

My teen daughter was very determined to get to every street and to run every day. Glad I had her for motivation.

We can confidently say that we saw all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood and we never repeated a single route.

It was a blast to change it up a bit!

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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