Biggest Year Ever

I calculated it all a little too late. My biggest year before this year was 3000 km. Back in November I was pretty confident I would break this record. In fact I did break it, by 5% (3161 km). I am very happy with this, but it could have been a “cooler” or rounder number if I had done some intricate planning a couple weeks ago. It would have been much more memorable to finish off the year with a number like 3500 km, or 3333 km, or 3210 km, or 3456 km.

Or 9 km per day average = 3285 km instead of 8.6301 km / day.

Or 60 km per week average = 3120 km instead of 60.5769 km / week.

Last week, I saw someone shooting for 2015 miles (3224 km) in 2015. That’s pretty cool, but I ended up being about 60km short by not pre-planning it.

I was born in 1971 which if it was miles, works out to 3154 km. This is pretty close to what I achieved this year. That’s a pretty cool number I guess.

I hope I am not becoming OCD to the extent that I pre-plan this next year. Don’t let me go over that edge!

Here’s to another great year of running to all you runners, wherever you are.

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