Oh, for Longer Socks

You know that space between the top of your socks and the bottom of your tights. It’s part of your ankle that you don’t really notice. And no one else notices it either.


It’s not noticeable UNLESS there is a lot of snow you are trudging through. Or it is really cold out. Then you really notice that inch of skin. That inch of skin suddenly becomes the most important part of the body.

Pull your socks up higher. Pull your tights a little lower. Just frustrating.

I haven’t gotten frostbite on my ankles yet but it can be really frustrating when I pick the wrong socks for a run. I need to hide those short socks a little deeper in the drawer so they don’t come out at this time of year.

Most running socks are short. But some are even shorter. They’re designed that way for fair weather running. Not winter running.

Most of my longer socks are cotton. Not great for running in, period.

My tights are just a bit too short. I do have looser wind pants that I can wear for running that go a little lower, but I usually only pick those as a second pair to go over the tights.

Putting all the right pieces together becomes all too important when frostbite is a real threat.

Remember those leg warmers from the 80s? Well, in case you’re wondering, I’m not resorting to those. Any other ideas?

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

4 thoughts on “Oh, for Longer Socks”

  1. I have a couple pair of smart wool light weight hiking socks, that come to mid-calf. I run in those in the winter. Or on trails to keep the grit out of my socks. I love them and have rarely ever had troubles with blisters. They’d cover that inch! They are expensive though so I usually buy them from Sierra trading post – seconds where the design might be off a bit, but I don’t care how they look while running.

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  2. Ha! I had that same problem today. I almost wore a pair of smart wool day socks just because of the snow, but opted instead for my wool balegas. They did great except too short.
    I love smart wool and Sierra trading post!!


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