Winter Running in the Rockies – Lake Louise

We did a quick stop on our drive through the Canadian Rockies on the way to see the relatives for Christmas. We just couldn’t help ourselves and had to get out and run a bit. Beautiful.

We followed the trails groomed for skiing in Banff National Park in the town of Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies following the river upstream.






I would love to get out here a bit more. Even though it is only 1.5 hours from home we don’t get here enough.

-15C, snow in shoes, wet socks, frozen fingers and nose. But super fun.

We kept it really short (2k) so we could get back to the road.

Day 33 run streak

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

7 thoughts on “Winter Running in the Rockies – Lake Louise”

  1. I love Lake Luise! What a great place! I’d go there every weekend if I live this close, but there’re so many other nice places as well….
    Merry Christmas!
    It looks really wintery, here temperatures are spring-like and most ski resorts only have artificial snow – if any

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  2. Looks like fun, Kevin. We flew from North Dakota (southeast of Estevan) to Pennsylvanina, near Philadelphia. Like Engineer, it is warm here. We are in the foothills of the Applicant Mountains here. Our running this morning was beautiful as well, but I think yours was better. Congrats on Day 33. Keep it up! Have a merry Christmas.

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