XC Race … in the fro-sty air

Lots of beautiful snow, frost, and sunny skies during the cross country race today.

I had to go back on the trail after the race for the photos so I didn’t get any runners unfortunately.


7.5 km of single track makes for a great race.





On this trail there was not very many passing zones so if you get stuck at the back during the race start it’s a tough slog to work your way to the front. I didn’t succeed in getting back to the front. I should have pushed harder in the first few hundred meters. I could have gained probably 20 finish places at least.


Footprints from 100 runners.

You know you haven’t tried hard enough if you don’t at least nearly wipeout. I landed on my butt 3x during this 40 minute race.

Treacherous cross country can be a blast.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

3 thoughts on “XC Race … in the fro-sty air”

  1. Looks like a fun course, us runners up north are all to familiar with those conditions. The worst where I live is early spring with frequent freeze thaw cycles causing glaze ice to build up on the trails. It gets to a point where you need ice climbing gear to go for a run. Does it get like that in Calgary too?

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