Icy Wipeouts are Not Cool

The worst part of the wipeout was the new hole in my hard-earned Vancouver Marathon gloves. I worked hard for those gloves this spring and now one of them will have to be turned into a rag (or hung with my medals as a trophy 🙂 ).

It happened on the icy sidewalks in the dark with only 20 meters to go before home. I was momentarily distracted by the neighbours putting up their Christmas lights. I hit a crack in the sidewalk and didn’t lift my foot enough. I went down hard.

I banged my wrist and my knee but I bounced back up again pretty fast. Before I even hit the ground, I think I was shouting at the neighbour that I was okay before I even knew if I was okay or not. (We accuse our daughter of giving the same sort of pre-assurances.)

Now, the next day, I am barely bruised, but it could have been worse.

There is no reason to be trashing myself in December. December is for taking it easy and recovering from a long summer of running, not for healing from scrapes and bruises.



Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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