Between the freeway and the tracks

We have this linear trail along the irrigation canal that obviously is very long and flat. So it is ideal for those long runs.

West side of irrigation canal

However it parallels the freeway and the railroad tracks through the industrial park. So the setting is not ideal. You really have to zone out to enjoy yourself.

Today on my way out I followed the paved pathway on the west side getting annoyed at how loud the freeway noise was. I noticed the single track along the east side and thought I would try to come back on that side.

When I returned along the other side the noise seemed to just disappear. It was probably that I was just lost in my own world on the windy trail.

Crossing tracks which lead to downtown

There were very few access points. It was basically 9 km between proper access points where you didn’t have to jump a fence or go through some industrial parking lot. I started at the Bow Waters Canoe Club and turned around at the Glenmore Inn.

East side of irrigation canal

A couple of the freeway underpasses were a little sketchy with loud traffic above me.


Another thing that would improve the view was if the irrigation canal was actually full. There was construction happening downstream so it was mostly empty with some ducks playing in the puddles and mud.

I don’t think I would recommend this as a great place to run. There were bikes on the trail and for them it probably wasn’t too far between access points.


So my run was 18 km with almost no vertical. About 3/4 was on pavement and the last 1/4 was beautiful single track on the lonely side of the canal.

Starting at the canoe club going south towards the Glenmore Inn

It was my longest run in a while and I felt good about it. My knees are complaining now but they will get over it.

I had promised myself a slurpee after the run (for motivation) but I decided to skip that. I shouldn’t reneg on my promises or I will start to doubt those promises and the motivation won’t work so well next time.

12 Things I’ve learned about my neighbours – while running

Most of my running starts at my front door and heads down the street. Especially in the winter when I have to run in the evenings, I stick to the sidewalks and streetlights, instead of the trails.

Running is a great way to get to know any neighbourhood.


Some of the things I have learned by running in my neighbourhood:

– where the most likely stretches of sidewalk is to get a second hand high. No one is hiding their marijuana habits these days
– the dingiest blocks are often the most well lit
– no one is ever outside near the biggest houses
– playgrounds are busiest where the houses are the smallest
– the longest driveways have the fanciest cars
– the shortest driveways have the most loved cars
– people go to 7-11 really late in the evening for massive slurpees
– people go to 7-11 really early in the morning for massive slurpees
– I wouldn’t want to be a bus driver late at night in this neighborhood. There are too many mischief makers
– Halloween decorating starts very early
– at some places Christmas decorations never come down
– dogs of all shapes and sizes get people of all shapes and sizes outside. Yeah for dogs!

I guess if you stick to a treadmill you would miss all this entertainment.

Coast to coast?

How long would it take to run across Canada?

Was this guy inspirational or just crazy

Well let’s see.

It is 7200 km by road (Victoria to St John’s according to Google maps).
I run at say 10 km/hr. That would be 720 hours = 30 days straight non stop. “Only” running 8 hours per day would make it 90 days. That would be 8 hours plus breaks, plus slow hills, so maybe 10 hours between breakfast and when I approach a place to have dinner.

There are at least 2 ferries, so you could relax during those few hours and still cover considerable distance.

I don’t know if 8 hours is doable. Maybe a 4 – 5 hour marathon each day so you can appreciate some of where you are. That would make it a 200 day (7 months) journey. That is 7 days per week. With a 7 month journey it would be pretty tough to skip all of winter. And you would be in very flat Saskatchewan and Manitoba for a very long time.

Yikes this is sounding like crazy talk. I know I have heard of people doing this, but man that is some journey.

If I only wanted to do a 10k every day it would take 2 years. But I would get to visit every little town and every Tim Horton’s on the way.

You would have to give up a lot of family to make that happen. And I am sure you would come back a changed person.

But wait. Doesn’t Canada have 3 coasts?

What would it take to do coast to coast to coast?


To finish off these crazy dreams here is a link to the song “this land is your land, this land is my land

I am going to bed. This topic is too tiring to contemplate further.

Fish Creek Park – places to run

One of the classic linear parks around here follows a creek for the entire width of the city. I would guess the park is maybe 20 km long by 1 km wide.


One of the access points to Fish Creek Park is at Votiers Flats near the center of the park. From here you can go either west or east. I chose West. Maybe next time I will go East. It should be quite similar.


You can follow the paved pathway along the entire length but I chose to follow the lesser trails mostly right along the waters edge and deeper in the trees.

Corduroy trails in a couple spots

Most of the trails are bike friendly so I had to keep paying attention. I ran into the same biker three times over about half an hour. Each time he was obviously trying to work up some adrenaline by going very fast on narrow trails. Keep your head up!



Some friendly spectators

The water was hardly moving since we have barely had rain this month (or last month).


These photos are from last weekend and as you can see winter hadn’t shown it’s face much. But as I write this a week later, snow has blanketed our city of Calgary and the temperature has dropped to well below freezing. So that run may have been my last snow free run in a while.

My run was about 13 km. I was able to run mostly on one side of the creek going west and the other on the return. And I was able to stay off the pavement for the most part.

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