Coast to coast?

How long would it take to run across Canada?

Was this guy inspirational or just crazy

Well let’s see.

It is 7200 km by road (Victoria to St John’s according to Google maps).
I run at say 10 km/hr. That would be 720 hours = 30 days straight non stop. “Only” running 8 hours per day would make it 90 days. That would be 8 hours plus breaks, plus slow hills, so maybe 10 hours between breakfast and when I approach a place to have dinner.

There are at least 2 ferries, so you could relax during those few hours and still cover considerable distance.

I don’t know if 8 hours is doable. Maybe a 4 – 5 hour marathon each day so you can appreciate some of where you are. That would make it a 200 day (7 months) journey. That is 7 days per week. With a 7 month journey it would be pretty tough to skip all of winter. And you would be in very flat Saskatchewan and Manitoba for a very long time.

Yikes this is sounding like crazy talk. I know I have heard of people doing this, but man that is some journey.

If I only wanted to do a 10k every day it would take 2 years. But I would get to visit every little town and every Tim Horton’s on the way.

You would have to give up a lot of family to make that happen. And I am sure you would come back a changed person.

But wait. Doesn’t Canada have 3 coasts?

What would it take to do coast to coast to coast?


To finish off these crazy dreams here is a link to the song “this land is your land, this land is my land

I am going to bed. This topic is too tiring to contemplate further.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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