Fish Creek Park – places to run

One of the classic linear parks around here follows a creek for the entire width of the city. I would guess the park is maybe 20 km long by 1 km wide.


One of the access points to Fish Creek Park is at Votiers Flats near the center of the park. From here you can go either west or east. I chose West. Maybe next time I will go East. It should be quite similar.


You can follow the paved pathway along the entire length but I chose to follow the lesser trails mostly right along the waters edge and deeper in the trees.

Corduroy trails in a couple spots

Most of the trails are bike friendly so I had to keep paying attention. I ran into the same biker three times over about half an hour. Each time he was obviously trying to work up some adrenaline by going very fast on narrow trails. Keep your head up!



Some friendly spectators

The water was hardly moving since we have barely had rain this month (or last month).


These photos are from last weekend and as you can see winter hadn’t shown it’s face much. But as I write this a week later, snow has blanketed our city of Calgary and the temperature has dropped to well below freezing. So that run may have been my last snow free run in a while.

My run was about 13 km. I was able to run mostly on one side of the creek going west and the other on the return. And I was able to stay off the pavement for the most part.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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