Weasel Head Flats – places to run

During most months of the summer this park is swarming with mosquitos which ensures you don’t take walk breaks. The bugs are relentless.

Weasel head flats is an nature preserve in a wetlands area in SW Calgary. Today as the last day of October, it was threatening rain but definitely no bugs and almost no mud.



Sometimes the trails can be very muddy. Today they were a little wet in a few places but my shoes didn’t even get muddy.



One reason this area was very quiet was because of construction. It actually was a long detour (couple kms) to get to the parking lot, so the parking lot was mostly empty. Construction lasts all winter so this might be a nice quiet place to run until then.




From the parking lot there is about 1km of paved pathway to get to the trail head. The trail goes down to the river edge maybe 30m vertical on steep trail. After that it is mostly dead flat on gravel and dirt trails.



I zigzagged through this park and made it a 10 km route but it was tough not to double back to get in the mileage. It really isn’t that big a place on the east side of the river.

The trails can get pretty small, to the point that it is impossible to run with all the branches in your face. The trails right along the river are meant for walking slowly due to the numerous zigzags. So the best trails are the straightest ones, and the ones with the least amount of gravel. I like to stay on the non-improved trails as much as possible, but it wasn’t always possible in this park.

Great trail system for a quiet run right in the city, as long as it is a bug free season.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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