Tangled or Free?

My current ear buds have been doing very well for me. They are the over-the-ear kind and they sit comfortably. I am quite happy with them.


Well I was quite happy with them until I got a gift card from Best Buy and started looking at the wireless ear buds. I am very tempted to get them but I am hesitant.

Apparently the sound quality is not as good over bluetooth. But while running would you notice anyway, and most of what I listen to are podcasts, so I’m not concerned about sound quality so much.

The lack of wires would be a defnite plus. I get tangled in my wires on almost every run.

The remote volume and fast forwarding on the ear piece would be very convenient. I could leave my phone in my pocket or backpack and not have to fumble with it midrun.


But the cheapest ones are $100!! and the one I already have wouldn’t cost me anything.

Has anyone picked up the wireless ones? What do you think? Is it worth it? What brand did you buy?

I’d love your input.

PS about one week after this post I picked up some Jabra wireless ease buds. Not the ones with the in ear heart beat sensor. But they work great! I am still getting used to having to turn them on, then turning on the Bluetooth before starting music otherwise everyone can hear. The audio jacks were more seamless that way.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

4 thoughts on “Tangled or Free?”

  1. Hi Kevin! I have tried JLAB Epic wireless earbuds. They initially worked well – sound was good. Bluetooth connected well. They are marketed as sweat proof – But after 3 weeks they died. I have since gone thru two other replacements with the same result. Their Customer service was terrific but the product obviously did not work for me. Am back to being wired….

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