Strava One Year On


Strava has a lot of stats. There seems no end to it. For some reason this is infectious. It keeps me coming back and makes me want to keep on with Strava. I wouldn’t want to switch to another app now that I have this much data.

I had another app for two or three years before I switched to Strava. And another app before that. Both those switches were tough especially since I had to leave my stats behind. Now my stats over time are in three locations. Nearly impossible to keep track of over the long term.

If you want to know how much you’ve progressed you need to know trends. These apps aren’t helping with tracking long term starts even though they claim they do.

It seems that it takes a gimmick to make the leap and switch. And these apps are good at gimmicks. But then the next gimmick comes around the corner and we are tempted to switch again. Aargh!

But I am happy to have stuck with this app for over a year now and it is encouraging to see my consistency. If it weren’t for these apps I would have long ago gotten discouraged by failing to remember of all my running accomplishments.

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