Back in the Game

I have been laying pretty low lately but I am getting reinspired to up my game in this shoulder season. That is for both the running and the blogging.

– August 15 – big race
– Rest of August – family vacation
– Most of September – Led volunteer team to Africa
– End of September – hosted company VIPs and attended meetings for the week

So that was 6 weeks to get my brain off of training, racing and blogging.



In the last week I have watched my daughters race 3 cross country races. I also rode 30 km for charity. But I have hardly run in the last 6 weeks. Well a little here and there but nothing consistent.

Yesterday I made a pact with two work colleagues to do the Pikes Peak Ascent next August in Colorado. That is a long time from now but in a way it is helping me refocus.


So to kick start this season, this afternoon I went on a 10km trail run in the neighbouring trees. I rounded it off with some core work.



It was a beautiful day to get out there. The leaves were falling but it wasn’t too cool out there yet. The many colours were a treat.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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