Podcast Spotlight – Marathon Talk

Tom and Martin host a UK based fast paced weekly podcast called Marathon Talk where they interview top runners, interesting runners, and normal runners. They talk us through who is who in the world of running, hot issues, records being broken, and amazing events.

They are two very normal runners who took to sharing their opinions and informing the world of runners about running, especially marathon running.

They are very inspiring, encouraging and they don’t leave any one behind. Middle of the packers and back of the packers should find this just as engaging and encouraging as those who are at the top end.

They have a huge following in the UK but they do follow the US and East African running scene quite closely too.

Give it a listen. It is 1.5 hours long, coming out each Wednesday. If you haven’t done a marathon before you start listening, you probably will put it on your list soon after, no matter how scared you might be to give it a shot.

I have listened to it for several years making sure it is ready to go when I have my long runs scheduled.


Listen to the latest episode here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/marathontalk/MT296.mp3


Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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