Eating whatever is put in front of you

I do not put a lot of thought into what I eat. I am quite predictable: cheerios for breakfast, peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch. Dinner is quite varied but i am lucky enough that my wife is usually the inspiration (and most of the effort) behind it.

However when I travel I typically have even less regular input into what I eat. Airlines feed us whatever they will. It is difficult to eat well in restaurants. And when I am hosted at a family’s home (quite often) it is only proper to eat everything that is put in front of you.


I regularly take probiotics while traveling to other countries to ensure strange foods are not rejected by my systems.

Chicken on a stick
Rice and beans from a very sketchy restaurant

So because I tend to eat a lot more and to eat less healthily while traveling, exercise is even more important. But given the nature of traveling, exercise is harder to come by.

I always look forward to returning home to that predictable diet.

Any tips out there on how to eat while traveling?

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